“Bev” is a 2011 Ford Transit Connect. In the winter of 2019 I built out the interior to be a high efficiency living space. I set out on a solo adventure, spending 6 months living and working from the road, limiting myself to the resources of the van.


I was interested to learn about the design aspect of trail building and its role in conservation. In the winter of 2019 I spent 3 months with Americorps in the backcountry of Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma, picking up the tools necessary for routing trails and treating invasive plant life.


Fitting Sprinter van “Terry Gross” with salvaged tongue and groove hardwood floors from a Brooklyn apartment remodel.


This moiré structure allows for a nomadic sculptural and artistic experience as one is exploring. The structure is made to be interactive, changing the landscape from both inside and out. It’s modular, folding on multiple joints to enable it fit compactly into the back of most vehicles. This also serves in creating different structural forms.